1st April 2019
Are Pre-paid Funeral Plans Worth The Investment

Are Pre-paid Funeral Plans Worth The Investment?

It would not be considered abnormal to push funeral thoughts aside; especially before we’re ready to class ourselves as ‘elderly’. Unfortunately, it isn’t something that can be ignored forever, and with ever-rising funeral costs, this is a matter better to be dealt with sooner rather than later.   Funeral costs are increasing at an average rate of 7% per year, […]
1st October 2018
Four Reasons to make a Will

Four Reasons to make a Will

1. Make life easier for family and friends – if you were to die without a will, the difficulties and stress involved in sorting out your affairs can sometimes cause distress and family disputes.   2. Ensure your possessions go where you want them to go. Without a will, everything you own will be distributed according to the rules of […]
1st September 2018
Why do I need a lasting power of attorney 3

Why Do I Need A Lasting Power Of Attorney

“Making a Lasting Power of Attorney is as important as making a Will – it can save people unnecessary trauma and expense and makes sure their own wishes are followed whatever happens. It is crucial for people of all ages” – Former Justice Minister Lord McNally, 2013   What is a Lasting Power of Attorney? A Lasting Power of Attorney allows […]
1st August 2018
Blended families

Blended Families

New relationship? Children from a previous relationship?   If, like me and millions of other families in this 21st century you are in a relationship and have children from a previous relationship, you may be wondering how you can provide for your new partner and also ensure that your children inherit a share of your estate. The solution to this […]
1st July 2018
Should I Sign The House Over To The Kids 2

Should I Sign My House Over To The Kids?

This is a question that I hear on a weekly basis at the very least. Should I sign my house over to the kids to avoid Inheritance Tax or Care Fees. My advice to this question is always the same….do not make any decision before seeking professional qualified advice. Here are a few points to consider if this has ever […]