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Hexagon Life Planning Services consider estate planning as more than just writing a will. We believe estate planning is considered approach to planning for life events – life that involves living life and a life that involves planning for our inevitable demise, whenever and however that may occur.

Life continues beyond us, and we believe that your estate planning should consider those who will live their lives beyond our own and provide a secure future for them which helps to relieve them of the burden of the end of our life.

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Will Writing

It may surprise you to know that everyone has a will. The Government has provision...

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Asset Protection Planning

It is very difficult for us to consider the fact that these things we work so hard for may not be able...

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Lasting Power of Attorney

Many people find it uncomfortable talking about the possibility of them losing their ability to function...

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Funeral Plans

A morbid subject for sure- however – funeral planning need not be such a miserable subject and could be...

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Eminently qualified

Carolyn Richardson came to our home by appointment, to discuss with myself and wife, the benefits of Power of Attorney, Wills and our property being placed in Trust.
We considered our options and in a few days decided to go for the whole package…. This was all completed to our satisfaction.

Carolyn is eminently qualified ,is very friendly and was able to answer all of our questions. I would recommend Carolyn to anybody thinking along these lines, she is extremely competent, thorough, meticulous, really friendly and easy to talk to.

Always available to answer queries and help. All in all Carolyn is a very pleasant lady, competent in what she does and all of the business was dealt with at home.

Ernest and Heather Jeffries

Our blogs

1st April 2019
Are Pre-paid Funeral Plans Worth The Investment

Are Pre-paid Funeral Plans Worth The Investment?

It would not be considered abnormal to push funeral thoughts aside; especially before we’re ready to class ourselves as ‘elderly’. Unfortunately, it isn’t something that can be ignored forever, and with ever-rising funeral costs, this is a matter better to be dealt with sooner rather than later.   Funeral costs are increasing at an average rate of 7% per year, […]
1st October 2018
Four Reasons to make a Will

Four Reasons to make a Will

1. Make life easier for family and friends – if you were to die without a will, the difficulties and stress involved in sorting out your affairs can sometimes cause distress and family disputes.   2. Ensure your possessions go where you want them to go. Without a will, everything you own will be distributed according to the rules of […]
1st September 2018
Why do I need a lasting power of attorney 3

Why Do I Need A Lasting Power Of Attorney

“Making a Lasting Power of Attorney is as important as making a Will – it can save people unnecessary trauma and expense and makes sure their own wishes are followed whatever happens. It is crucial for people of all ages” – Former Justice Minister Lord McNally, 2013   What is a Lasting Power of Attorney? A Lasting Power of Attorney allows […]

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